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Backup Manager Status Service

Any device that has MSP N-central's Backup Manager installed automatically includes the Backup Manager Status service. This service monitors the status of the Backup Manager software.

This service cannot use About self-healing.

Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Any Backup Manager device.

Device Class

Workstation - Windows, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows

Monitored By

Windows Agents

Scan Interval

60 minutes

Status Detail Description

Destination Drive - Free Space

Indicates the amount of free space on the destination backup drive.

Full Backup

Provides information about the different types of backups that Backup Manager has performed including:

  • the number, or Count, of backups,
  • the Total Size of the backups,
  • the Schedule for performing backups,
  • the date and time of the Last Backup,
  • the date and time when the Next Backup occurs,
  • the Destination drive where the service stores the backups,
  • Status Details of the most recent backup,
  • the current Status of backups, and
  • the Thresholds currently in effect for backups.

Incremental Backup

Verify Backup

File Copy

Recovery Point Copy

Product Status

Indicates information about the Backup Manager software including:

  • Version
  • Status
  • Is a Newer Version of Backup Manager Available?
  • Is the Backup Manager Service running?

The reference to a Backup Manager service is for the Windows service. It does not refer to an MSP N-central service.

Recovery Points Status

Indicates information about configured recovery points including:

  • Status Details
  • Maximum Configured Number of Recovery Points
  • Current Number of Recovery Points
  • Oldest Recovery Point
  • Most Recent Recovery Point
  • Days Since Most Recent Recovery Point
  • Total Storage Size of All Recovery Points (GB)