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CCM Call Activity Service

The Cisco CallManager (CCM) Call Activity service monitors the state of all calls on the Call Manager. This includes the active calls, attempted calls, calls in progress, and completed calls.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Cisco® CallManager Versions 4.x

Device Class

Server - Windows

Monitoring Probe

Windows probe

Scan Interval 15 minutes

Properties Queried and Calculations Performed

Namespace root\cimv2
WMI Class Win32_PerfRawData_CiscoCM_CiscoCallManager
WMI Property 0 CallsActive
WMI Property 1 CallsAttempted
WMI Property 2 CallsCompleted
WMI Property 3 CallsInProgress
WMI Property 4 AuthenticatedCallsActive
WMI Property 5 AuthenticatedCallsCompleted
Scandetail.6.Recipe $activecalls + $completedcalls + $authenticatedactive + $authenticatedcompleted

Status Details

Status Detail


Active Calls

The number of active calls.

Attempted Calls

The number of attempted calls.

Completed Calls

The number of completed calls.

Calls in Progress

The number of calls in progress.

Authenticated Active Calls

The total number of authenticated calls and are in progress.

Authenticated Calls Completed

The total number of terminated authenticated calls.

Calls Active + Calls Completed

Total number of calls in progress + Total number of calls terminated.