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CPU Service (Local API, SNMP, WMI)

The CPU service monitors the utilization rate of the central processing unit (CPU) on a device. Depending on the device, the CPU service will gather information using one of:

  • Local API call
  • SNMP
  • WMI

If an Agent is installed on the device, local API calls will be used to collect data.

The CPU service reports the average CPU usage on a device. For devices that have multiple CPUs, the CPU service reports on the average CPU usage across all CPUs for the scan interval.

For information on the CPU (Cisco) service, see CPU (Cisco) Service.

Service Type

Local API


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Windows devices

Windows devices and devices that support the HOST-RESOURCES MIB Windows devices

Device Class for CPU (Local API)

Server - Generic, Workstation - Generic, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows

Server - Generic, Workstation - Generic, Other, Printer, Scanner/Camera, Switch/Router, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows Laptop - Windows, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows

Monitored By

Agent (Windows)

Probe, Agent (Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Mac OSX 10.x) Probe, Agent (Windows)

Scan Interval

60 minutes

Processor Number

The ID number of the processor that you would like to monitor.

n/a n/a

Processor Index

n/a The index of the processor to monitor. n/a

Processor Name

A unique identifier, which represents the processor.

Properties Queried and Calculations Performed (WMI only)

Namespace root\cimv2
WMI Class Win32_Processor
WMI Property 0 LoadPercentage

OID/Calculation (SNMP only)

Metric Name



CPU Usage (%)

The usage of the CPU, expressed as a percentage.

Configure the Processor Index

To obtain the processor index, walk the object ID . on the target device's address to determine which indices are available for monitoring.

. 50

. 10

There are two indices in this case-"1" and "2".

To monitor both processors, add the service to the device and enter 1 for the Processor Index. Add the service a second time and enter 2 for the Processor Index.