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Custom Services

You can quickly create customized services that leverage:

  • Automation Manager Policies,
  • MSP N-central's proprietary external data feed ( EDF) engine,
  • TCP port queries,
  • Log file monitoring,
  • SNMP queries,
  • Syslog messages, and
  • WMI queries

Custom services function similarly to the services included with MSP N-central. You can create, edit, and delete custom services as well as export a custom service to share with others. You can also import custom services from the N-able Resource Center.

Stock Service Items

A stock service item is a predefined metric for an EDF, SNMP, or WMI custom service. This includes: CPU, Memory, Process, and UPS services.

Use stock service items when the data you are collecting with the custom service needs to be included in MSP N-central's Executive Summary report or in any Report Manager report. For example, CPU usage.