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Import custom monitoring services from the SolarWinds MSP Resource Center

In addition to the monitoring services supplied with your installation of MSP N-central, there are additional services available at the N-able Resource Center. You can download these and add them to individual devices, multiple devices or templates.

  1. Go to the SolarWinds MSP Resource Center (https://nrc.n-able.com), and go to Community > Custom Monitoring.
  2. Download the required service by right-clicking on the file name and clicking Save Target As.
    • If the file is a .zip file, you will need to unzip it and extract the .xml file it contains.

      Zip files often contain technical documentation specific to the service. Some include PowerScript files. See the included documentation for a description of the scripts and how to use them.

  3. Upload this custom service into MSP N-central by clicking Administration > Service ManagementCustom Services, and click Import.

For information on adding a service to a device or template, see Apply Custom Monitoring Services .