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Create SNMP-based Custom Monitoring Services

MSP N-central provides many built-in services that query SNMP data to monitor the health of these devices. If you find that you need to access SNMP information not retrieved by an existing service, you can create your own SNMP-based custom services in MSP N-central.

See also, SNMP OIDs used during Discovery.

  1. Go to Administration > Service Management > Custom Services.
  2. Click Add > Service > SNMP.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for this service.
  4. On the Queries tab, click Add and enter a Query Name.
  5. Double-click the default OID Name and enter the name to use for the first OID.
  6. Double-click on the default OID To Query value and enter the OID.

    You can use a SNMP walk tool, such as iReasoning's MIB Browser, to connect to a network device and retrieve OIDs for specific devices.

  7. Click the blue plus (+) button to add another OID, using the steps above.
  8. Click Save.
  9. On the Data and Thresholds tab, click Add Metric and enter a name for the first Metric .
  10. Create the metric using the OIDs you added. You can select Variable to Use and select the OID, or select Calculation to Use and create a metric using one or more variables.
  11. Select the Data Type and the Unit that applies to this variable or calculation.
  12. Click Save. Repeat these steps if you require further metrics.
  13. On the Data and Thresholds tab, click Configure Thresholds in the Action column.
  14. Enter the ranges that define Normal, Warning and Failed states for this metric. You can redefine these when you add this service to a device.
  15. Click Save and repeat to configure further metrics.
  16. Click Save to return to the list of custom services.

You can now add this service to a template or to any Windows server or workstation. For more information, see Apply custom monitoring services.