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Physical Drive (Dell iDRAC) Service

The Physical Drive (Dell iDRAC) service monitors various elements related to the status of a physical drive in a Dell PowerEdge server using the embedded integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC).

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Dell PowerEdge servers with integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)

Device Class for CPU (SNMP)

Servers - Management Interface

Monitored By

Windows Agent

Scan Interval

15 minutes

SNMP Index

Enter or select the name of the drive to monitor. For a list of drives, query the device with the . SNMP OID.

Status Detail

Object Descriptors

Numerical OID


Disk Name


Indicates the physical name of the disk as represented in Storage Management.



The current state of the physical disk being monitored mapped as:


Online (3): RAID configuration has been assigned to the physical disk.


Ready (2): Physical disk is available for use but no RAID configuration has been assigned.


Unknown (1): Cannot determine current state.


Foreign (4): Physical disk has been moved from another controller and contains all or some portion of a virtual disk.


Offline (5): Physical disk is not available to the RAID controller.


Blocked (6): Physical disk is currently blocked by controller.


Failed (7): Physical disk is not operational.


Non-RAID (8): Physical disk is not a RAID capable disk.


Removed (9): Physical disk has been removed.

Serial Number


Indicates the physical disk's unique identification number provided by the manufacturer.

Disk Capacity


Indicates the size of the physical disk (in megabytes).

Used Space (GB)


Indicates the amount of used space (in gigabytes) on the physical disk.

Used Space Percentage (%)



Calculated using the formula:

$UsedSpace $DiskCapaity / 100.0 *

Free Space (MB)


Indicates the amount of space (in megabytes) currently available on the physical disk.

Spare State


Indicates the status of the array disk as a spare mapped as:

  • 1: notASpare - Physical disk is not a spare.
  • 2: dedicatedHotSpare - Physical disk is a dedicated hot spare.
  • 3: globalHotSpare - Physical disk is a global hot spare.

Display Name


Indicates the physical disk's friendly FQDD as represented in Storage Management.

Smart Alert


Indicates whether or not the physical disk has received a predictive failure alert.