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RAID Status (EqualLogic) Service

The RAID Status (EqualLogic) service monitors the state of the RAID controller for a PS6100 Equallogic SAN using v6.0.2 firmware.

Service Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 100
Supported Systems/Applications Model PS6100 Dell EqualLogic SAN running v6.0.2 firmware
Device Class Server - Windows, Server - Generic
Monitored By Windows agent, Windows Probe
Scan Interval 5 minutes
RAID Array Enter the name of the RAID array to monitor. For a list of the available RAID arrays, query the SAN with the . SNMP OID.


Metric Name



RAID Status

Specifies the status of the RAID using a composite view of the underlying sub-systems with the status mapped to:

  1. OK - The RAID is operating normally.
  2. Degraded - The RAID is in a degraded state, possibly because no spares are available.
  3. Verifying - Running a verification pass and displaying a percentage complete value.
  4. Reconstructing - A drive is being reconstructed and displaying a percentage complete value.
  5. Failed - The RAID experienced a failure, possibly due to a failed drive with no spare being available.
  6. Catastrophic Loss - This may not be visible to the user since the RAID may not be able to start up. This means that administrator intervention is required to correct the problem.
  7. Expanding
  8. Mirroring - Indicates that a bad drive is being mirrored onto a spare drive.
RAID Capacity (%) (UsedStorage) (TotalStorage)

This value is expressed as a percentage and is calculated by dividing the UsedStorage value by the TotalStorage value and then multiplying the result by 100.

Are There Lost RAID Blocks To Be Cleared?

Specifies whether there are lost blocks in the RAID array which the user may want to clear. Mapped to:

  1. True
  2. False
Number Of Spares

Specifies the number of disks allocated as spares in an array.

Number Of Controllers

Specifies the number of controller modules in the array.

Number Of Disks

Specifies the total number of disks that have been installed in the array.

Read/Write Cache Size

Specifies the size (in MB) of the Read/Write cache within the array.

Read/Write Cache Mode

Specifies the mode that the Read/Write cache is currently in within the array. The default is Write-back but the array will be configured to Write-thru whenever there is a battery failure. Mapped to:

  • 0 - Unknown
  • 1 - Write-thru
  • 2 - Write-back