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Volume (EqualLogic) Service

The Volume (EqualLogic) service monitors the status of a disk volume on a Model PS6100 Dell EqualLogic SAN running v6.0.2 firmware.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Model PS6100 Dell EqualLogic SAN running v6.0.2 firmware

Device Class

Server - Generic, Server - Windows

Monitored By

Windows Agent

Scan Interval

5 minutes

Volume Name Enter the name of the volume to be monitored. For a list of available volumes, query the SAN with the . SNMP OID.

Object Descriptors

Numerical OID


Status Detail


Admin Status

Specifies whether the target volume has been configured as either online or offline by the administrator.

If a volume is offline, the ISCSI initiators cannot access it.

When lost blocks that belong to a particular volume are found, the Operational Status of the volume is set to not-available-due-to-lost-cached-blocks.

When the volume is in this state and if the user chooses to ignore the lost blocks by setting the volume status to Online, the subsystem automatically sets the Admin Status to online-lost-cached-blocks.

The online-lost-cached-blocks state of Admin Status indicates that the user acknowledged and acted upon the lost-blocks state of the volume.

Upon re-start and if the subsystem finds a volume with $AdminStatus as online-lost-cached-blocks, it will configure the Operational Status to Online instead of not-available-due-to-lost-cached-blocks as the user has already acknowledged the lost-blocks state and has chosne to ignore them.

Admin Status Description

Mapped as follows:

  1. online
  2. offline
  3. online-lost-cached-blocks
  4. online-control
  5. offline-control

Operational Status

Specifies the current operational status of the volume.

Operational Status Description

Mapped as follows:

  1. available
  2. not-available
  3. not-available-due-to-snap-reserve-met
  4. not-available-due-to-members-offline
  5. not-available-due-to-lost-cached-blocks
  6. not-available-due-to-thin-max-growth-met
  7. not-available-due-to-nospace-for-auto-grow
  8. not-available-due-to-missing-pages

Volume Size (MB)

Specifies the total size of the monitored volume.

Volume size is rounded to a multiple of 15MB. For thin provisioned volumes, this value represents the advertized size of the volume.

Used Space (%)

Calculated as ((Allocated Space/Size)*100) and expressed as a percentage of the total size of the volume.