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Exchange 2007 Store Size

The Exchange 2007 Store Size service monitors the size of the Exchange server’s *.EDB file, and generates an alert when the file exceeds 46MB in size.

By default, the Exchange 2007 Store Size service expects the file to be found at D:\Program Files\microsoft\exchange server\mailbox\first storage group\mailbox database.edb. You can changed this path on the Service Details tab of the service.


Manufacturer Information

Service Type


Supported Systems/Applications

Windows servers that are running Exchange 2007.

Max instances on each device

Supported device class Servers - Windows
Monitored by Windows Agent
Scan interval 15 minutes





Check the following:

  • The targeted device is running Exchange 2007.
  • The service has been configured with the correct path for the .EDB file that you are monitoring.



Name Default Thresholds
Mailbox Size (MB)

Normal: 1-46
Warning: 45-51
Failed: 50 or more