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Exchange database 2016

This service monitors the performance of the Exchange server’s database and generates an alert when the database experiences performance issues. By default, this service monitors the Information Store database. You can monitor other databases by specifying a different database name in the Service Details tab of the service.

engineid enginename engineversion updateserialnumber
<tba> <tba> <tba> <tba>

Service information

Service Type


Supported Systems/Applications

Windows servers running Microsoft Exchange server 2016

Max instances on each device

Supported device class Servers - Windows
Monitored by Windows agent
Scan interval 5 minutes




Corrective Action


  • The targeted device is running Microsoft Exchange server 2016.
  • The service is configured with the correct database name



Default Thresholds
Datbase Page Fault Stalls

Normal: 0-10

Warning: 10-100

Failed: 100+

Database Cache Percent Hit

Normal: 90-100

Warning: 70-89

Failed: 0-68

Log Record Stalls (Transactions/second) Normal: 0-10

Warning: 11-100

Failed: 51+

Log Threads Waiting Normal: 0-10

Warning: 10-50

Failed: 51+


WMI properties queried

The Exchange Database 2016 service queries the Win32_PerfFormattedData_ESE_MSExchangeDatabase WMI class for the following metrics:

  • Databasepagefaultstallspersec
  • Databasecachepercenthit
  • Logrecordstallspersec
  • Logthreadswaiting

No calculations are performed on the metrics gathered by the service. What appears in MSP N-central is identical to what is found in the WMI.