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Power Supply (Fujitsu) Service

The Power Supply (Fujitsu) service monitors the status and current load of a power supply in a Fujitsu device.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Fujitsu servers running the Fujitsu ServerView agent.

Device Class for CPU (SNMP)

Servers - Generic or Servers - Windows

Monitored By

Windows Agent

Power Supply

Type the name of the power supply to be monitored. For a list of power supplies, query the device with the . SNMP OID.


The scan interval can be configured according to either a Once a Day or Daily Interval schedule.

Object Descriptors

Numerical OID


Status Detail



Describes the current status of the power supply that is being monitored with values mapped as:

  • Normal: 3
  • Warning: 9
  • Failed: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13


  1. Unknown
  2. Not Present
  3. OK
  4. Failed
  5. AC Failed
  6. DC Failed
  7. Critical Temperature
  8. Not Manageable
  9. Fan Failure Predicted
  10. Fan Failure
  11. Power Safe Mode
  12. Non Redundant DC Fail
  13. Non Redundant AC Fail

Power Supply Output Load

Describes the current actual output load (measured in Watts) of the monitored power supply.