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Intel® vPro™ Status Service

The Intel® vPro™ Status service monitors the network availability of the Intel® vPro™ interface and the power status of an Intel® vPro™ device. 

If the Network Connectivity state is Normal (the interface is connected), a device may still be on or off and the Power Status can be Normal or Warning. If Network Connectivity is Failed, Power Status will display Failed, regardless of whether or not the device is on or off. Please refer to the summary below.

You can choose to display the Intel® vPro™ Status service in the Active Issues view.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Intel® vPro™

Device Class

Server - Windows

Monitored By

Windows probe

Scan Interval

5 minutes

Port Number

The TCP port number used to monitor a specific Intel® vPro™ device.

Normal Response Code

A response code is returned when an Intel® vPro™ device is queried. A response code of 0 or 11 indicates a normal status.

Status Details

Status Detail


Network Availability

The availability of the Intel® vPro™ interface:

  • Normal = The interface is available.
  • Failed = The interface is unavailable.

Power Status

The power status of the Intel® vPro™ device:

  • Normal = The device is on.
  • Warning = The device is off.

If Network Connectivity State is...

Power Status State may be...


Normal or Warning