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CPU (NetApp)

The CPU (NetApp) service monitors the CPU usage, indicating the load (as a percentage) on the CPU of a NetApp SAN.

For more information, see www.netapp.com/us/.


Service Type


Service ID


Supported Systems/Application

Indicates the load as a percentage of the CPU of a NetApp SAN.

Max. Instances Per Device

Scheduler Type Interval Based Scheduler
Time to Stale 30
Service Description Monitors CPU usage.

$CPU -

Input Values

User Configurable Options Settings Units Default Settings
Scan Interval Range 5 1440 Minutes 5

Output Values

Metrics Default Thresholds Units Formulae Notes
CPU Utilization Range 1 100 N/A $CPU

The Service will show the amount of failures along with the corresponding message associated with the failure.

Normal 0 79
Warning 80 84
Failed 85 100


Issue Corrective Action

Either SNMP is not configured on the device or the community string may be incorrect.