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Printer Toner Level Service

The Printer Toner Level service monitors the amount of toner as a percentage of the total capacity of the monitored printer.

This service cannot use About self-healing.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

Any SNMP Printer-MIB Compliant Device (RFC1759)

Device Class


Monitored By

Windows Probe

Scan Interval

15 minutes

Printer Marker Supplies Description Index

The SNMP index of the toner cartridge, To obtain the index value, perform an SNMP walk on prtMarkerSuppliesDescription (.

Print Marker Supplies Description Value

The name of the toner cartridge. To obtain the name, perform an SNMP walk on prtMarkerSuppliesDescription (.


MSP N-central services use Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) for all calculation formulae.

Metric Name



Max Capacity

The maximum capacity of toner cartridge.


The current level of the toner cartridge.

Toner Level

(Level / Max Capacity) x 100

The percentage of toner remaining.