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RAID Status (Dell)

The RAID Status (Dell) service monitors the state of the RAID controller only.

To monitor the firmware version, use RAID Controller Firmware (Dell). To monitor the battery status of the RAID controller, use RAID Battery Status (Dell).

Basic Service Information

Manufacturer/Public Information
Service Type SNMP
Discovery OID (ControllerName)
Supported Systems/Applications RAID configured Dell with SNMP enabled.
N-Central Specific Information
Known limitations N/A
Max Instances on each device 100
Supported Device class Windows / Linux
Notification Profile N/A
Monitored by Agent/Probe


Issue Corrective Action
misconfigured Verify that you have the correct SNMP credentials.


OID used
Supported Values Calculations/ Threshold Mapping Default Thresholds Notes

The status of the controller is mapped as follows:

  • Normal: 1, 3
  • Warning: 0, 6
  • Failed: 2, 4

The current condition of the controller subsystem (including devices connected to it.) Possible states:

  • 0:Unknown
  • 1:Ready
  • 2:Failed
  • 3:Online
  • 4:Offline
  • 6:Degraded
Controller Type off

The type of this controller:

  • 1:SCSI
  • 2:PV660F
  • 3:PV662F
  • 4:IDE (Integrated/Intelligent Drive Electronics)
  • 5:SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
  • 6:SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)
Controller Name off The name of the controller in this subsystem as represented in Storage Management. Includes the controller type and instance. For example, Perc3/QC 1