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RAID Status (VMware) Service

The RAID Status (VMware) service monitors the state of a RAID controller on an ESXi server.

If your ESX/ESXi server is operating on either Dell or HP hardware, it is strongly recommended that you install the Dell or HP Offline Bundle before the Windows Probe discovers the ESX/ESXi server. For instructions on installing the Dell or HP Offline Bundle, refer to the following articles in the MSP N-central online knowledge base:

When deploying VMWare on ESX servers running on Dell hardware, it may require additional setup before the service can successfully discover the physical disk and RAID objects. Some Dell servers use an LSI RAID controller and the VIB is not part of the Dell Offline bundle. For information on loading the appropriate LSI VIB, see the Customer Success Knowledge Base article RAID Status (VMWARE) service misconfigured.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

ESX or ESXi 4.x, 5.x and later

ESXi 3.5 is not supported.

Device Class

Server - ESXi

Monitored By

Windows Probes

Scan Interval

5 minutes

RAID Controller Name

The unique identifier of the monitored RAID controller.

This service cannot use About self-healing.

To access information about the RAID controllers on your ESXi server, use a browser to access these URLs:

  • https://<insert_IP_address_of_ESXi_server_here>/mob/?moid=ha-host&doPath=runtime.healthSystemRuntime.hardwareStatusInfo.storageStatusInfo
Metric Name Description

The RAID controller status is mapped as:

  • Normal: 1
  • Warning: 1, 2, 4
  • Failed: 5, 6
State Description

Describes the status of the RAID controller:

  • Other
  • Unknown
  • OK
  • Non-Critical
  • Critical or Non-recoverable

Enabled State

Indicates whether the RAID controller has been enabled or disabled.

Enabled State Description