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SQL TCP Availability Service

The SQL TCP Availability service monitors the availability of the port on which the MS SQL Server application runs. The availability of the port, which is determined by the service testing the port's connectivity, indicates that the MS SQL Server application is running. This service also measures the domain name system (DNS) resolution and the round trip time of the initial connection request and response. The availability results of the TCP service are then reflected on the status dashboard for the SQL TCP Availability service. 

Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device 15
Supported Systems/Applications Microsoft SQL Server
Device Class Server - Generic, Workstation - Generic, Other, Printer, Scanner/Camera, Switch/Router, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows
Monitored By Windows Probe
Scan Interval 15 minutes
Port Number The port that used to monitor the SQL server.
Send Command String A predefined set of characters specific to the TCP service. The string is transmitted upon connection to the host and requests the response from the TCP service.
Validating String A regular expression that determines whether the responses sent by the queried device is valid.

Status Detail


DNS Resolution

The threshold that determines whether the device name can be resolved.

If an FQDN has been specified, the service searches for its IP address. If the IP address is found, the stateis Normal. Otherwise, itis Failed, based on the default settings.

If an IP address has been specified, the service checks only the IP address's format. If the format is correct, the stateis Normal. Otherwise, it is Failed, based on the default settings.

Generic SQL Server Availability

The threshold that determines the availability of the port.

Round Trip Time (ms)

The time for a request to be sent and received.