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Connectivity (VMware)

The Connectivity (VMware) service monitors the availability of the TCP ports for the CIM-XML and WS-Management protocols on an ESXi server or vCenter appliance. These are the protocols MSP N-central uses to monitor virtualized environments that are running on VMware hosts. This service provides a way to determine if there will be any issues discovering and monitoring those environments.

The default CIM-XML port is 5989, and the default WS-Management port is 443. If you configured ESXi server or vCenter appliance to use custom port assignments, MSP N-central can make the appropriate modifications by clicking Settings > Monitoring Options of the device.

Basic Service Information

Service Type


Supported Systems/Applications

Any ESXi/vCenter 5.1 server

Maximum Instances on each Device


Supported Device Class

Servers – ESXi, Servers - Windows

Monitored by

Windows Probe

Scan Interval

5 minutes



Corrective Action


Verify that:

  • there are no networking or routing issues preventing the Windows Probe from communicating with the ESX/vCenter device, and
  • you configured the appropriate settings in either ESXi or vCenter to open the CIM-XML and WS-Management protocols.


Name Default Thresholds

Is the CIM port responding?

Normal: Yes

Failed: No

Is the Web port responding?

Normal: Yes

Failed: No