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Datastore (VMware) Service

The Datastore (VMware) service monitors the storage location for virtual machine files on ESXi servers.

If your ESX/ESXi server is operating on either Dell or HP hardware, it is strongly recommended that you install the Dell or HP Offline Bundle before the Windows Probe discovers the ESX/ESXi server. For instructions on installing the Dell or HP Offline Bundle, refer to the following articles in the MSP N-central online knowledge base:

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

vCenter, ESX or ESXi 4.x, 5.x and later

ESXi 3.5 is not supported.

Device Class

Server - ESXi

Monitored By

Windows Probes

Scan Interval

5 minutes

Datastore Name

The name of the Datastore to be monitored.

This service cannot use About self-healing.

To access information on the Datastores on your ESXi server, use a browser to access the following URL:


Metric Name Description
Total Disk Space (GB) The total size of the datastore.
Disk Space Used (GB) The amount of space currently in use on the datastore.
Disk Space Free (GB) The amount of space that is currently unoccupied on the datastore.
Disk Usage (%) The amount of space currently unoccupied on the datastore expressed as a percentage of the total space.
List of Snapshots A list of the record files that store configuration data for ESXi servers at particular points in time.
Guests The virtual machine guest operating systems currently configured on the ESXi server.
Total Disk Space used by all Virtual Machine files (GB) The amount of space currently used by all snapshot files including the original snapshot.
Total Disk Space used by Snapshot Overhead files (GB) The amount of space currently used by all snapshot files since the original snapshot but not including the original snapshot.
Oldest Snapshot The name of the snapshot record files that have the oldest creation date and time.