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SNMP Query (String)

The SNMP Query (string) service, formerly called Generic String (SNMP), will collect any OID using a configurable OID parameter field. It is returned as a string in MSP N-central's database regardless of the original SNMP data type. Thresholds cannot be applied to Generic String.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Device Class

Server - Generic, Workstation - Generic, Other, Printer, Scanner/Camera, Switch/Router, and Server - Windows

Monitored By

Windows Probe

Target OID Index

The Index of the object that you would like to monitor.

Target OID Variable

The OID that you would like to monitor.

Scan Interval

15 minutes

ObjectID - .

The unfinished OID. Append the rest of the dotted decimal values that correspond to the snmp object you wish to query to this unfinished OID. For example, if the OID is ., enter .

You must also include the index. For example, to collect the sysDescr system description, enter in this field.

You can set the service to monitor any variable by using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This service monitors one value at a time by allowing you to specify the SNMP object identifier (OID) and the index of the object that you would like to monitor.

SNMP Query Status Details

Status Detail


Generic String

The returned string.

System Uptime

The uptime of the device. This status detail is required.