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License Compliance Service

The License Compliance service monitors the number of software licenses allowed for a customer, based on the thresholds specified for individual applications. For example, if a customer has a total of 100 licenses for an application and 88 instances of the application are discovered on their network, this service reports that 88% of the available licenses are in use. 

This service cannot use About self-healing.

To configure license monitoring for a customer, refer to Setting the License Compliance Service Details.

This service is available only for Windows devices that have been discovered by a Windows Agent or a Windows probe. For more information, see Discovery Jobs.

Service Type


Instances on a Device

1 (one for each customer account)

Supported Systems/Applications

Microsoft® Windows®

Device Class

Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows

Monitored By

Windows Probe

Scan Interval

30 minutes

Status Details

Status Detail



The name of the vendor or publisher of the application.

Software Name

The name of the application.


The version of the application.


The number of licenses for the application.

Percent of licenses used

The current number of licenses in use expressed as a percentage of the total number of application licenses allowed.

Detected Installations

The total number of application licenses discovered to be currently in use.