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CPU (NetApp) Service

The CPU (NetApp) service monitors the health of a physical CPU on a NetApp server.

For more information, see http://www.netapp.com/us/.

Manufacturer Information

Service Type


Discovery OID

Index 0

Supported Systems/Application

Microsoft Lync 2013 Front End role

MSP N-central Information

Known Limitations

Only Front-End Role

Max. Instances Per Device


Supported Device Class

Server - Windows

Notification Profile

Microsoft Lync Server

Monitored By

Local Agent


Issue Corrective Action
Misconfigured Check that you have the correct credential on the device.


OID Used


WMI Property Supported Values Calculations/
Threshold Mapping
Default Thresholds
Status N/A N/A Normal: 0-85
Warning: 80 -95
Failed: > 95