Third-party Software Components

The following table contains the list of third-party software components currently in use for MSP N-central.

Third Party Software


License Type
(Apache 2.0, MIT, Ms-PL, etc)

License Link


Purpose (Optional)

JQuery 1.9 1 MIT Static  
Telnet Client 3.3 Apache 2.0 Dynamic  
KypM 1.19c BSD Dynamic  
Apache Commons Net Library 3.3 Apache 2.0 Dynamic  
Apache FTPServer 1.0.6 Apache 2.0 Dynamic  
ftp4j 1.7.2 LGPL 2.1 Dynamic  
Apache Struts Apache 2.0 Dynamic UI
Apache Struts 1.3.10 Apache 2.0 Dynamic UI
Dojo 1.10.4 BSD or Academic Free License 2.1 Static UI
Xstyle 0.3.1 BSD or Academic Free License 2.1 Static UI
Put-selector 0.3.6 BSD or Academic Free License 2.1 Static UI
Dgrid 0.3.17 BSD or Academic Free License 2.1 Static UI
Lesscss 1.3.0 MIT Dynamic UI
iText 4.2.0 Affero Dynamic UI
JFreeChart 1.0.17 LGPL 3.0 Dynamic UI
JSch 0.1.39 BSD style License Static UI
Pager tag library 2.0 LGPL 3.0 Dynamic UI
JSON-RPC for Java 1.4.6 MIT Dynamic DMS
User-agent-utils 1.16 BSD Dynamic UI
Putty 0.6 MIT Executable Agent
Apache Shiro 1.2.4 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS/UI
Apache Axis 1.5.1 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Xerces 2.6.2 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Jetty 9.3.8 Apache 2.0 and Eclipse Public License 1.0 Executable DMS
Java 1.8 Oracle Technology Network Developer License Executable DMS
PostgreSQL 9.3.13 PostgreSQL License Executable DMS
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 9.3-1101 BSD Dynamic DMS
Sendpage 1.0.0 GPL 2.0 Executable DMS
Openfire 3.9.3 Apache 2.0 Executable DMS
Openfire Connection Manager   Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Smack Library   Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Apache Commons Package   Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
CentOS 6.8 GPL Executable DMS
Spring Framework 4.1.5 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Xalan 2.7.0 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
dd-plist   MIT Dynamic DMS
Java-apns   Other Dynamic DMS
Google Cloud Messaging for Android   Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
PJL Compressing Filter 1.6.6 License Dynamic DMS
jTDS JDBC Driver 1.2 LGPL 3.0 Dynamic DMS
Jline 0.9.94 BSD Dynamic DMS
Quartz 1.8.4 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Jcrontab 1.4.1 LGPL 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Jackson JSON Processor 2.7.3 Apache 2.0 or LGPL Dynamic DMS
CrackLib   LGPL 2.0 Dynamic DMS
Bouncy Castle 1.4.7 MIT Dynamic DMS/Agent
Apache CXF 2.7.10 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
RSA Authentication API 8.1 SH2 Developer License from Vendor   Dynamic DMS
Linux Integration Services for Windows Server 2008 2.1 GPL (version unspecified) Executable DMS
Ncftp 3.2.1 Clarified Artistic License Executable DMS
log4j 1.2.17 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS/UI
Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) 1.7.21 MIT Dynamic
Librpn 1.0 none There is no agreement available. We have the source code which contains the name of the author but does not include any license or copyright information. This code dates back to 2001. Static Agent
unixODBC 2.2.1 GPL or LGPL 2.0 Dynamic DMS
OpenSSL 1.0.1e OpenSSL License Executable DMS/Agent
SNMP++.Net 1.21 other See License.txt file embedded in source file: Dynamic Agent
OpenSSH 5.3p1 BSD License Executable DMS/Agent
Log4Net Apache 2.0 Dynamic Agent
Plink MIT Executable Agent
Gloox 1.0 Purchased   Dynamic Agent
JEP 3.4.0 Purchased   Dynamic DMS
Berkley DB 4.2.52 Purchased   Static Agent
gSOAP 2.8.17 Purchased   Static Agent
Bdev.Net.Dns.dll 1.1.4322 Code Project Open License Version 1.02 Dynamic Agent
Ionic.Zip Ms-PL Dynamic Agent

Nunit.framework Nunit License Dynamic Agent
Newtonsoft.Json.dll MIT Dynamic Agent
7 Zip 15.09/ ( 3rdpartypatch) LGPL 2.1 Executable DMS/Agent
Swing-layout   LGPL 2.1 Dynamic  
Swing-worker   LGPL 2.1 Dynamic  
Xmlhttprequest   LGPL 2.1 Dynamic DMS
Zeta Long Paths LGPL 2.1 Dynamic Agent
WPFToolkit Extended Ms-PL Dynamic Agent
Bouncy Castle Crypto MIT Dynamic Agent
Joda 2.6 Apache 2.0 Dynamic UI
Rome   Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
TaskService MIT Dynamic Agent
SharpSSH   BSD style License Dynamic Agent
Intel AMT/SDK Library   Other Dynamic Agent
Intel Quiet System Technology Other Dynamic Agent
Mentalis org Sevurity Library Other Dynamic Agent
SevenZipSharp.dll 0.64.3890.29348 LGPL 2.1 Dynamic Agent
Quartz Net Apache 2.0 Dynamic Agent
LumenWorks.Framework.IO MIT Dynamic Agent
jsonschema2pojo 0.4.0 Apache 2.0 Dynamic DMS
JerrichoHTML 3.3 EPL/LGPL Dynamic UI
MSVC 'C' Runtime 12.0, 7.1 Microsoft SOFTWARE SUPPLEMENTAL LICENSE   Dynamic Agent
WebSocket4Net.dll Apache 2.0 Dynamic Agent
unrar.dll (No license found) - Package says: You may use it in your freeware or commercial programs without any additional fees. Dynamic Agent
Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll v. OTN Development and Distribution License Dynamic Agent
Renci.SshNet.dll 2016.0.0.0 BSD License Dynamic Agent