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Create an Access Group

An Access Group is a group of customers or devices than users can view and administer. When you create an access group, you define a specific list of customers or devices that have similar attributes for the administration required. Access Groups provide an easy way of assigning one or many users to a selection of clients to administer their network. Access Groups work in conjunction with Roles to define what and where a user performs his tasks.

For more information on Access Groups, see What is an Access Group.

Before you begin, review the concept of Access Group inheritance. This behavior governs the way Access Groups are propagated through the system from one level to another and affects how users can view and manage both customers and devices.

  1. Click Administration User ManagementAccess Groups.
  2. Click Add > By Customers.
  3. Enter a name and description for the group.
  4. Click the Customers tab and select customers from the list.
  5. Selecting a customer or device automatically selects the sites beneath it. You can deselect sites you do not want in the group.

  6. or

  7. Click the Devices tab and select devices from the list. If no devices are listed, click Assign Devices and select the devices to include in the Access Group, then click Assign.
  8. Click Propagate to all new Customers/Sites to automatically include any new sites under a customer if they are added in the future.
  9. Click the Users tab and assign the Access Group to specific users.
  10. Click Assign Users if there are no users listed.

  11. Click Save.

MSP N-central creates an Access Group with the selected customers. When you view the Access Group, the customers/devices in the group are highlighted to stand out from the other customers/devices in the list. If you assigned users to that group, those users now have access to perform work for those customers based on the Roles and Permissions granted.