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What is an access group

Access Groups are a component of user permissions called Role-Based Permissions. An Access Group is a collection of customers or a collection of devices. You then assign users to the Access Group so they can view or administer the customers or devices based on their Role - what their title is (technician, administrator) - and their Permissions - what they are permitted to do in MSP N-central. Access Groups provide an easy way of assigning one or many users to a selection of clients to administer their network.

By default, MSP N-central includes an All Customers group.

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Access Group inheritance

Due to the parent/child structure of MSP N-central, when you create an Access Group at a parent level, that Access Group will also be available the child levels.

For example, a Access Group added at the SO level can be used at the Customer and Sites level. If an Access Group is added at the Customer level, the Access Group is available for only that Customer and at the Sites level below, not at the SO level, or any other Customer.

All child levels can use but not modify the inherited parent Access Group.

User Access Group What can the user do? What can the user see in the N-central?
Pat Includes access to various customer and site devices.
Kim Includes access to various customer sites.
Terry Includes access to the SO.