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Create an AuthAnvil Two-Factor Authentication Profile

Before adding AuthAnvil Two-Factor Authentication to user accounts, you must first configure MSP N-central to integrate with AuthAnvil by creating an AuthAnvil Two-Factor Authentication Profile. The profile will include the settings to communicate with the security server. The security server will then authenticate any single-use passwords when the user account signs in.

  1. Navigate to Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select AuthAnvil.
  4. Type a Name for the new Two-Factor Authentication Profile.
  5. Type a Description to provide more information about the Profile.
  6. Type the Authentication URL of the AuthAnvil server.
  7. Type the AuthAnvil Site ID that was provided by AuthAnvil and click Save.
  8. To test the connection to an AuthAnvil server, click Test beside the name of the applicable profile to verify that MSP N-central can connect to the AuthAnvil server.