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Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification uses a passcode generated by an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator which are compliant with RFC-6238, in addition to your usual account sign-in.

Although N-central supports RFC-6238 for Two-Step Verification, only Google Authenticator was tested.

You must download Google Authenticator to your mobile device. When you sign in to MSP N-central with your usual credentials, you scan a bar code using Google Authenticator. This automatically configures you within the application and continuously generates a time-sensitive passscode.

After entering the passcode, a list of ten backup codes displays. Copy this list to a safe but accessible location. Use one of the backup codes to complete the sign in to MSP N-central if you are in a location where you do not have access to your mobile device. You can only use a backup code once. After you have signed in to MSP N-central, you can regenerate the backup codes. The backup codes are not time-sensitive and do not expire (unless the list is regenerated).

Whenever you subsequently sign in to MSP N-central, you will only need to enter the passcode that appears in Google Authenticator.

Your account must be configured to use the Two-Step Verification two factor authentication method.