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Configure a Two-Factor Authentication Profile

Two-Factor Authentication provides increased sign-in security for N-central users using a uniquely configured profile. This profile lets N-central communicate with the AuthAnvil server, which can then authenticate single-use passwords when a user signs in.

After you configure a Two-Factor Authentication Profile you can assign the profile to a user.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Administration > User ManagementTwo-Factor Authentication.
  2. On the Two-Factor Authentication Profiles page, click Add.
  3. On the Details page, enter:
  • Profile Name: Enter a unique identifier for this profile. For example, AuthAnvil.
  • Description: (Optional) A brief description of the profile including any important notes or caveats.
  • Authentication URL: The URL of your AuthAnvil server (for example, https://my.authanvil.com/AuthAnvil.asmx)
  • AuthAnvil Site Id: The Site ID that users will authenticate to.

  1. Click Save. The new profile appears in the Two-Factor Authentication Profiles page.

You can edit the properties of a Two-Factor Authentication Profile by clicking on the profile on the Two-Factor Authentication Profiles page.
You can also assign this profile to new or existing users in the User Details > User Information tab on the Create User and Modify User pages.